8-Year-Old Starts Bakery To Buy His Mom A Home; Then Become A Millionaire!

Man, kids these days make me feel like a bum! This 8-year-old has his head on his little shoulders and has a plan to get him and his mom into a nice comfortable home… Then it’s onto becoming a millionaire!

Jalen Bailey from Fresno, California just launched his business Jalen’s Bakery. He specialises in cookies, cakes and sweets made from scratch by him and his blood, sweat and tears!

Jalen apparently has dreams of being a millionaire but with a relaistic vision missing from most adults he said that “I just want one [a home] that me and my mom can be happy in.”, then it’s onto the mega-millions!

His mom Sharhonda Mohan says she “feels overwhelmed with joy” according to KFSN-TV.

And I am too, what a little inspiration!

So, let’s all help this little mogul. Let’s all push the local orders and get him a deal like Patti Lebelle did with Walmart!

Visit Jalen’s Bakery here: JalensBakery.com

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