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Shop Black Biz is an online platform and directory to bridge the connection from black owned businesses and consumers. I noticed there are a lot of Americans who want to support black businesses the problem has been finding them. Through the current situations in this country of fighting to make black live matter I realized a void. Not only in the lack of valuing black lives but voids in our community socially, politically, and most of all economically. There are over 2million black owned businesses in this country yet only 2cents on the dollar of black consumers goes to them. The aim is to be more than a black business directory but a resource to not only help black businesses but also black consumers and to REEDUCATE them on how to use their economic power! My mission is to help bridge the gap, to help the people who want to help themselves and their communities. I got tired of talking about change and decided to do something to create it. Our power is in our economics, once we fully grasp this and take control over our finances we WILL see change!


“Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the Black community? 6 hours! Black American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion; and yet only 2 cents of every dollar blacks spend in this country goes to black owned businesses.”-NAACP

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