The power of collaborations

In todays world of social media when we hear “collabS” we think IG post or youtube videos. Collaborations have always been a super secret for many many small business owners. Trust me what I’m about to say if executed right will change your life, business and ultimately our community!

One of the biggest problems with small businesses especially in the black community is the access to resources. Most of all money! Many of us started off with little to nothing, out our kitchens or living rooms. Then theres the ghost stories of partnerships so many aren’t open to that option either. If we aren’t making the products ourselves we have to buy super high volumes which most the time is just impossible! So you ready? Are you ready to know what will change this for you? For real for real? (you know we have to say things twice to be taken serious LOL)

COLLABORATIONS AKA MASTERMINDS! Yup thats it! Masterminds of all kinds have always been the secret of the wealthy! Now just imagine if you will, you’re a boutique owner. You source locally and most minimums purchase are stretching you wayyyy to thin. When you do find away to purchase the items you want, you find 3 other local small boutiques selling the exact same thing! The power of collaboration can make all 4 of your businesses grow faster with less stress. How? Create a mastermind with all 4 of you, put your money together to buy items and split them. This way you spend less money on EXACTLY what you need.

You take this concept with any concept in your life! Gather with 4 or 5 ppl and not only “support” each other but literally create a circle where everyone is pushing the other while being pushed. We all have our plans and visions however we have blind spots. Masterminds are a great way to have someone seeing spaces in your business that you can’t. Many of us are scared to do things like this because we look at each other as “competition”, we have to get over that! How do you think other cultures do it? They link up! Its time for us to be strategic in our ways of life! On a bigger level they call these “holding companies”. Why do you think companies acquire other companies who do the same thing? Yes sometimes its to kill the competition yet for the most part its essentially mastermind on a grand scale! No you don’t have to combine companies but collaborating and combining resources whether finances, knowledge, services etc is one of the best ways to success.

Research masterminds and see which ways you can incorporate them into your life and business. They are life changing and a big secret for the wealthy.

If you’re a female entrepreneur in los Angeles area our founder holds a master mind every quarter follow her on Instagram @kanaryd for more info.

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